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Healing of The Soul

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More About Forgiveness...

In Forgiveness, Healing of the Soul, Editor and contributing Author Alicia Ann Wade shows forgiveness is the key to opening your heart to love and joy. Without it, you’ll be stuck forever in darkness. She teaches you different ways to forgive others and watch your reality change.


Based on her own healing and personal studies, Wade seeks to help others overcome trauma and the negative impacts on people’s lives. She shares the experiences of twenty-three people who tell their vulnerable stories and reveal how forgiveness set them free. Some stories will shock you, some will test your beliefs, and some will allow you to realize the power of forgiveness.

This is for you if...

  • For those who want peace from their past traumas and wounds.

  • For those seeking inner peace and harmony

  • For those seeking to heal their soul further

  • Feeling disconnected to your life’s purpose as there is obstacles in your way stopping you

  • Feeling depressed and anxious with past hurts and you have no control 

  • Feelings of despair and lost on what to do with your emotions and how to process everything in your life.

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Facilitated by Alicia,
The Gratitude Method TM

After Gratitude came Forgiveness, Alicia has come back with another collaboration to bring to her audience ways to bring in positive psychology to peoples lives. As a result of her own healing and studies (currently studying her Masters in Applied Positive Psychology), she thought this subject is a great matter to help others to overcome trauma and negative impacts on a person's life.


Alicia has brought together 24 Authors and also her sister to open and share vulnerable stories and how forgiveness has set each person in this book free.

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Daniel Pecina

“I have recently read a chapter about Forgiveness, by Pleunie Peeters. Having known her for over a year now as a life coach, this

chapter resonated with me to my core.

As a young child I had a major event happened to me that has

affected my life for well over 30 years. To listen and to feel what she wrote as it happened to her made me sad though gave me the willingness to understand the true meaning of forgiveness as it felt like my own life.

Please read this by Pleunie Peeters. Great work, thank you.”

Melissa Young

Disability Support Worker

“Forgiveness. A powerful tool for release. I have been tested many times at the crossroads of hurt, betrayal, abuse, and disrespect. Do I hold on to the anger, the bitterness, the hurt, the pain? Or do I actively release myself from the angst of holding on to the need for justice that never seems to come? Forgiveness. My go to for total freedom.”

Elise Phillipson

Intuitive Coach

“Forgiveness is the ultimate self-care act of compassion and kindness to oneself. It gives one total freedom. For me it releases all emotion to the stories and people of the past to heal and move forward with grace and peace. A weight lifted from my shoulders to allow my heart to open to receive more love, peace and joy. It’s not about them but about me and what is keeping me weighed down, in this prison. It has become my way of life to choose to let go of it, forgive myself and them so that I can fully embrace and be free. I have often used the Hawaiian mantra, Ho’oponopono (which means to make things right), the practice of forgiveness, a state of being, giving myself aclean slate. The mantra is: I am sorry, Please forgive me. Thank you, I love you. May you find forgiveness so that you no longer carry a load you no longer need to carry and be FREE.”

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