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My name is Zuzanna and I am a Counsellor based in Sydney.


Having a firsthand experience with addictions has provided me with the knowledge and understanding of the healing process and ignited a passion for helping people in overcoming their own pain and addictions. My own journey showed me the importance of resilience and its impact on one's wellbeing and overcoming life's challenges.

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My Story

There were two defining moments in my life. First one was making the decision to relocate from Poland to Australia. I was in my thirties when I decided to make this change. I made this move on my own, with no support other than my two cats who made the journey with me.

My second defining moment was overcoming my alcohol addiction. After hitting rock bottom, I have realised that I could not continue destroying my life. It is either life, or a destruction, illness and further down maybe crime or death. It took lots of hard work, discipline and support of other people. It would be very hard to be on this path on my own. It required lots of changes but my life has dramatically changed and choosing sobriety was the best decision. 

In my practice I embrace a holistic approach and take into consideration a wide range of different areas of life.

 I strongly believe that one's wellbeing is impacted by a whole spectrum of factors. Our upbringing and presence of secure attachment, attitudes we hold towards ourselves and others, addictions, our diet and physical activity. I am passionate about supporting clients in transforming their lives into healthy and meaningful ones. 

Having been trained in both, counselling and coaching allows me to use a wide range of skills and approaches in assisting my clients in many areas of their lives. 

I assist clients in building their self-esteem, addressing unhelpful thinking patterns, distorted negative beliefs, and alcohol addiction.

I have an extensive experience in work with sex workers.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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