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My name is Tash Mansell, I Empower Women to Stand in Their Power.

I am an Empowerment Coach for women, Reiki Master and practitioner, Polarity Therapist, Access Consciousness Practitioner and I offer Sound Healing Sessions.

I inspire and motivate you to be your authentic self, to connect to your passion & discover your purpose. Every women should have the freedom to live life, feeling confident to be who they want to be in this world. To feel worthy, enough and to feel heard. Assisting & guiding women to uncover their truths, to breakthroughs to their inner world, and to allow them to feel free, passionate and loved.

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My Story

Life has not always been easy, but it has taught me many lessons.

I grew up on a small island off the NE coast of Tasmania. This place is very special to me, it is and always will be my home. Not only is it beautiful, it is where I feel most at peace and truly connected to myself and my land.
This environment was perfect for a child growing up, wide open spaces to explore and it was completely safe.
I had a great childhood, but it was not without it’s challenges.

I grew up in a time and in an environment where, as a child I was not encouraged by my family to do well, and as a result of this, I developed a high level of independence and personal drive. I was a good student, I always worked hard, and I was very creative. At the age of 11 I had to leave my home and my family, to attend High School on the mainland of Tasmania. This was just the beginning of my education. I had such a hunger to learn, going on to college and University (the first in my family). I also studied beyond that, going on to study Laboratory studies and then later, to do a Diploma of Community Services. Currently I work at a residential rehabilitation centre for people recovering from addiction to drugs and alcohol, a subject close to my heart.

I have been on a personal development journey for a number of years, the loss of my mother being a major catalyst for me. Losing her, I had to go deep within, to heal and to grow. I am a Reiki Master, Polarity Therapist and Access Consciousness Practitioner.

18 months ago, I began my journey to become a Life Coach, which at the time I had a very basic concept in my mind, that I wanted to create a business where I could combine Coaching and natural therapies. Now my vision is very clear: To create a community of strong women who have a strong sense of self and a clear knowledge of their needs and wants in life.

Through my training and accessing the right people to guide me through this process, I am a Women’s Empowerment Coach.

My clients come to me with issues around their lack of self-esteem and confidence. They feel like they are on auto pilot and have no real direction in their lives. They lack balance and are living a life that does not excite them. They have a desire to change, to build a new life for themselves and their loved ones. I help women to reconnect with themselves on a deeper level and to connect to their passion and purpose. I help and guide them to grow into women who are strong and confident. They know what they want in their lives and they have the tools to create the life they desire.

My most recent endeavour has been to bring Women’s Circles into my local community. I hold space for these women to speak from the heart, free of judgement and in an environment that is safe and supportive. The response has been nothing short of miraculous, over the past months, I have helped create an incredible community of strong, empowered women, who, each month come to speak their truth and to hold each other up.

I feel very honoured and privileged to be where I am today. My life and my challenges, my joys and my happiness, have all brought me to this moment. I am and will be forever grateful. x


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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