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Hello, I am Susane Smith, Professional Transformational Coach and I am the founder of Branch Out Coaching; Making Change Possible. I feel like I have been on a personal development journey for most of my life which is what has led me to my coaching journey and why I created my business. 

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My Story

A grandmother now, I started my coaching business to help women awaken their dreams and initiate the courage and determination to take action in a meaningful way, reimagining their future. Whether my clients are looking to do something on a personal or professional level, build self-confidence or just connect with life on a deeper level, I am there to help build the best version of themselves. 

My dream and goal is to create a ripple effect in the community that brings kindness to people from all walks of life and I believe joining forces in The Gratitude Method TM is fundamental step in achieving this dream. 

I believe that finding value and joy in our daily lives and experiences comes from building the gratitude muscle and I would like to share this gift with all who will listen. 

Life is by choice not by chance. Choose what you focus on and change your life. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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