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Shaima Alabbasi is an International Women's Confidence & Public Speaking Trainer who coaches and trains people in Arabic and English.

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My Story

With a bachelor’s degree in Banking & Finance, Shaima began her career at one of the world’s leading auditing firms, Ernst & Young, but soon found that she wanted something more from life. She studied copywriting and became a freelance copywriter for a while, then took up a position at the Ministry of Youth where she worked directly with youth on various leadership and self-development programs. Following a stint at the Central Bank of Bahrain and Gulf Air, Shaima took her education further by obtaining a diploma in Digital Marketing as well as Sharia Studies.


Right when Covid hit, realizing how unexpected and short life is, Shaima pursued her life-long dream and became a trainer and a speaker after studying coaching and facilitation.


She is now a Credentialed Coach, coaching women one-on-one or group coaching as well as training them through special programs helping them to overcome stress and self-doubt, boost confidence on and off stage, speak with ease and flow and live life on their terms.


She has coached and trained people from Australia, USA, Japan, Bahrain, Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Spain, Ecuador and more.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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