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Through my life, situations have presented where I knew there was more to be understood on an emotional level. I believed that this understanding would bring more congruency and ease.  I would find myself toggling between staying small yet desiring to live full although often found myself pressing against a glass ceiling. I would wonder why an emotional high would not come after a culturally perceived achievement had been made. I wondered why, through loss or relational disconnection, I struggled beyond pain into suffering and sometime victimhood.


This led to decades of study on the science of human behaviour, classically and from being mentored by people who lived fully and freely. Shifts started happening in my life and in my relationship with myself. And then changes flowed over into my marriage, my mothering of eleven children and our businesses. This amazing puzzle of knowing me and life will be ongoing until my last breath. Yet now, I am honored to sit with others, to couple the vehicle of my masters coaching education and my life experience to walk with others as they see these shifts in their lives. 


Those who want transition from a life unconsciously lived, unpacking narratives and values that keep them stuck to finding initially the amazing value that is you and then freedom and congruency of a life from that core. Walk with me and take the freedom and life that is inherently yours already to have.


Sandra De Hoogh

Acquisitions & Design @ De Hoogh Construction | Trustee & Manager @ Bendolba Apartments | Coach & Consultant @ Building Family | Mother & Educator of 11 Children | Author | Life Long Learner | Lover of Life

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My Story

My narrative, my backstory of now over five decades can be reflected through many themes. Self discovery, connection to others, creativity, business, yet one of my favourites ways of giving my story is through the journey of gratitude. The juxtaposition of my beginnings in living in gratitude are night and day.


My early memory, from a place of being told how I needed to behave was I MUST be grateful and so I found myself striving to parrot the right words to please, to stay in favour and therefore in my current version of safe. Yet when I pushed off from surface existence and polite behaviour and rowed into the deeper waters of real and honest, gratitude was an emerging by-product.


I really enjoyed the irony that even though I was not chasing gratitude, I was found by, or really swept away by a grateful experience. And this through abandoning performance, roles and my mask and embracing the scariest journey in all our live;. discovering who we are. The genuine emotion was with me long before I was aware that this in fact, is genuine thankfulness.  


Since this sweet beginning, my life has meandered in and out of this state through the changing seasons in protecting what I value. The bulk of my story is the creation of my life, having a family, building connections, unpacking the world around me, studying people and behaviour,  building businesses that gave solution to ours and others problems. These were all the vehicles that carried my values and gratitude was one of many rich outcomes, not only because I was able to be the driver of these vehicles but for the resources and parts that were contributed that were not of my generation that was offered freely yet I was to call my life experiences.


The eyes to see that gift, the acknowledgement that I was a recipient to outcomes not of my making and the posture to stand still, to be in the moment and just soak in what is my life, humbly enjoying it fully.


Can I invite you also to stretch outside of cultural domestication and step into the wild yet beautiful arena behind the façade, created by building muscle on our imaginations and fuelled by brave souls traveling beyond the fence.


This is my gratitude story. Come on in. The water is amazing.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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