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Hi, I'm Rae Carder I’m a Certified Relationship Coach

through a training course that ticked all the boxes for me, one I wish we had found so many years ago and had someone guide us through.

I have been married to my loving husband for 43 years, it hasn’t been all roses and chocolates, we have experienced our difficulties and challenges along the way. We tried marriage counselling, date nights and other online courses but hadn’t achieved the improvements we were seeking.


It was in our darkest moment that we received some relationship coaching from a wonderful couple and went through a deeply transformative personal and relationship upgrade, and the re-ignition of our
passion, that I realised this was my purpose and mission, I knew this is what I wanted, to pass on all we had learned and practice, so others can also experience their deepest desires in life and love.


We have 3 adult children, all married with children of their own, and we get to enjoy 8

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My Story

I’m passionate about supporting couples transform their relationships with themselves and each other. I’m deeply grateful for each of my clients, I get to share the journey to explore the deepest of your challenges and guide you to attain your deepest desires and experience the greatest potential of your love.

I’m an avid reader and have studied all things to do with relationships covering, psychology, counselling, mental health and wellbeing, and training as a Master life coach.

I was a junior therapist from a very early age, observing, studying and evaluating every interaction around me. My parents often repeated to us children growing up that, they were wounded people trying their best to do better than the past generation, they were very honest about not being perfect parents themselves. They set up a model that said, this is what life is, “your wounded and you try to be better for the next generation, you try to grow, you try to heal”, and that was a gift.


Even though my father was abandoned at birth, he never lost his capacity for love, if anything it increased his capacity, he loved deeply. This was my saving grace. It was my mother’s childhood wounding that would have a detrimental effect on my life throughout childhood.

I longed for the connection and love I could see others have but which was elusive in my experience growing up.

I have always valued family connections and since childhood intuitively knew that the only way, I could maintain some sort of relationship with my mother and others, was for me to use forgiveness.


Forgiveness has been a defining theme in my life, and I have gained reconciliation with all those I forgave. I realised relationships are based on a foundation of active forgiveness.

I am proud to have co-authored a book on forgiveness.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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