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Hi, Rachelle Newton.


I am a Law of Attraction Coach, Meditation/Mindfulness/NLP
Practitioner and Relationship Facilitator.

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My Story

Rachelle Newton lives and works out of her home in Gladstone Queensland Australia and spends her time working on projects and courses. She is a devoted, family orientated mum of two boys who are thirteen years apart and is active in the personal development sector.

She is a professional Intuitive Coach and has spent the last 2 years developing her skills in Relationship and Couples Coaching which she is now a Relationship Facilitator. Through her personal development journey her experiences have taken her further into the human design and emotional intelligence which she applies into her unique practice.

Her qualifications include EFT/TFT/CBT/RBT/EMDR Therapy and PTSD, yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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