You are worth it,

You are deserving,

You are amazing,

You are more powerful beyond measure,

You are inspiring,

You are courageous,

You are enlighting,

You are resilient,

You are kind,

You are beautiful.

These are words you can choose to filter in your reality or YOU can choose to have words of negativity.

Many years,

WHOA way too many years I have accepted beatin myself up,

I have accepted taking the piss or having others make fun of me!

My nicknames used to be

Scat chick

Scat bitch

Big tank

Mrs piggy



Trash bag

I thought these were funny to have, little did I know this was creating a reality of low self worth, low self love and my boundaries crossed to accept being made fun of as light hearted humour. It was not funny at all, I was slowly dying inside to belong and be accepted….

Little did I know these words would create a reflection in the mirror of hating myself and judging myself. And I have been working a lot on mirror work and loving who I see. I am learning to love ther reflection more and more every day. Society can be hard on women in particular to look a certain way, dress a certain way, be a certain way.

A Lot of people who come into my reality and world cannot look themselves in the mirror and love who they see. This is a problem I see constantly, daily and I am learning more and more every day to peel those layers and love myself more - I tell you it has been hard. I teach people mirror work and to work on the relationship with you.

Just the other day I realised I am pretty lucky to be alive as every weekend on my bender weekends to live the name of “trash bag or scat chick” I would pop more than 15 ecstasy pills a weekend followed by alcohol, Ice, GHB, Special K, speed and whatever I could get my hands on for free! It was so easily accessible and I was good at using my charm to get what I wanted to be high for the weekend.

I have OD’ed - where I was in hospital nearly having my throat opened for a tracheotomy at 19yrs old and then again in Melbourne at the age of 22yrs old at the Snopp Dogg concert where I projected vomit into the crowd and went to first aid where my heart beat went as low as 40 beat per minute. I was slowly trying to kill myself or better still not wake in the morning. Numb the feelings be on the biggest HIGH, and not be in the world as I felt not good enough with all the things that ever occurred in my life. Every weekend was Russian roulette with life!


My belief in me,

Changing my friends,

Huge upgrades to my close friends - I cut off a 30yr friendship from primary school where I was constantly told I was fat, not doing this or that. I held onto this friendship as it was the longest friendship - little did I realise this was causing the root of all unresourceful friendships and business clients.

My faith and spirituality growth!

Knowing that you are loved from God/higher power/universe (whatever this is for you!) was the first most important step for me to break down my walls,

What I have seen is a HUGE shift in people who believe too and WAY better relationships.

When you work on your relationship with God/higher power/universe (whatever this is for you!) ,

You change your reality.

It is like anything in life.

Reflect and ask what is my relationship like in xyz,

You will realise there will be triggers,

Things to work on,

And unconsciously you will realise what is blocking you from having your best life.

Is it love or is it hate and loathing?

Are you judging another?

Are you making fun of others in your communities?

The more and more I go on my personal development journey, spirituality has been ever blossoming. And also I have been seeing and been exposed to the light and dark side of many realities and groups. Be really aware of the light and dark of everything and catch yourself out. Use your work for the greater good and to bring more light to this world. We need it in a fear based world! For love is the highest frequencies ❤

The dark sides are pretty bloody evil and I do not associate or get involved with those who really bring out the dark out of these worlds.

I am BLESSED to be alive

I am BLESSED to be here to help people

I am BLESSED to get through my darkness

I am BLESSED to be walking today, I could of had a lot more brain damage!

I am BLESSED to surround myself with people like YOU!

Thank you to those in my world,

Thank you to those who have changed my reality.

This is my testimony,

Stay tuned as I am now rising further after being told my story was not acceptable or at the risk of ruining another one’s reputation.

My story is ME,

It is who I am and i will help those who resonate with this story and testimony.

I will help those who are still in this darkness.

We can all rise if we believe and turn our hearts to love and gratitude.

Gratitude is my survival guide and it can help you too!

Much love and gratitude

Alicia ❤

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