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Merchandise OUT NOW


Well well well! Second blog! Get out of town! I'm being consistent!!! Yee haaa!

this is awesome!

I'm Currently walking and writing this blog whilst in Gladstone QLD, the day has arrived for my keynote event and I'm super excited to be here right now!

I slept so well, enjoyed food and company with my content media mangager.

We stopped off for lunch at Insane Cafe in Childers, HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone travelling north in QLD to Bundy/Gladstone.

I've prepped myself for today, got my slideshow, script ready and all my books and journals for people to purchase and looking forward to meeting people in this region!

I'm truly blessed and excited!

I know god has taken me on this path to get here and for this I'm grateful as I walk the path to spread love, joy and gratitude.

My key note today is


And I'll be releasing a book soon on this too, so pretty excited to be here at this point in time.

Thank you to Gladstone Regional Council, QCWA and other sponsors for the event. Without sponsorship things like this cannot occur! So my heartfelt gratitude to you all!

There has been updates to my website to check out:

  1. Forgiveness members are up to check out!

  2. Merchandise up on the online store

  3. Website upgrades

Super excited to be getting my stuff out there!!! I have a photoshoot with models in November so I'm super excited and shout out to Mariah Lee photography for assisting me with my merch and brand! Really excited to get new photos up on the website!!!

So stay tuned as more will come and I deliver more gratitude books, products and programs!

Very very very exciting times ahead!

Much love and gratitude 🙏

Alicia ❤️🙏🥰

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