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Hello everyone!!!

Finally, I'm getting things rolling on this APP and website. There is so much to update you on and a lot going on in my life.

I'm so blessed with the current projects going in: forgiveness book with 24 authors, leadership book with 8 authors and then a further 5 authors about to be published before the end of the year!

Forgiveness is the next biggest project apart of the gratitude method. The vulnerable stories being shared are one not to miss out on! I'm very proud of all my authors!

Next week, I'm off to Calliope to present at the Womens Well-being Day! This is sponser d by Gladstone Regional Council and QCWA, very honoured to be presenting to hundreds in town.

More recently, the awards that have been gifted to the Gratitude Method TM

QLD FINALIST emerging entrepreneur

SILVER Making A Difference Local Community


FREEDOM Nomination

Fraser Coast Regional Awards

Seriously, the flood of awards have been overwhelming, before my grandmother passed in August some of her last words which I will keep deep in my heart - something big is going to happen for you! Well she certainly doesn't wasn't wrong! And she also reminded me how much she loved me and that my life has turn around.

It's been one MASSIVE journey over the year being stepped down as a leader for the Hinkley region which left me in a dark hole and I'm creeping back up to love my legacy and mission.

Gratitude has been the key to get me out!

Gratitude A Journey Of The Soul had its first of many face to face book launches with over 30 people attending! Such a great turn out!!!

So here it is the first of many updates and blogs from me! A commitment to make to my people out there and document the journey ahead.

Thanks for reading and if you want to book me for any of my services, products or programs, please see my website;

Much love and gratitude 🙏❤️

Alicia Ann Wade xx

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