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4 Steps To Manage Your Inner Critic


What is this you say?

I do a lot of mirror work with clients and I have done with myself too. At my lowest, i used to punch myself at who I had become. 30Kgs heavier, depressed and did not know where to turn in life. I lost a 6 figure salary, hit rock bottom and in debt…It was not a great moment in life.

I moved and started to work a lot of my physical body and who I saw in the mirror. I took it back to basics and searched for what made me happy and also started to face my fears in life. I had many fears:

Fear of calling people,

Fear of being judged,

Fear that everyone was talking about me,

Fear that everyone was watching me in the gym, so I used to hide where nobody would see me,

Fear of driving,

Fear of going shopping by myself,

And ultimately it was social anxiety and depression that got me to that point.

So when you see me out or networking or on stage it still can be hard,

I push through the fear and step into it adn realise it is not that bad after all.

I was riddled with fear,

However now I step into love,

Look in the mirror and be kind to myself,

That inner critic comes up from time to time,

However there are questions and things you can do that I have done to help you:

Think about that “voice in your head”

What is it saying to you right now?

What does it say when you’re having a “good day”?

What does it say when you are stressed?


Are our thoughts always the truth?

Do we need to give thought we have particularly distressing thoughts our full attention?

Does our voice in our head always know what is best?

Should we always follow its advice?


Step 1

Noticed the critic

*What are you saying to yourself in the mirror?

*What are you saying to your reflection?

Step 2

Separate the critic from you.

Step 3

Talk back.

Step 4

Replace the critic!

Then take the time to reflect:

*Is this an old story playing out in my life?

*Have I heard this before?

*What would I get for buying this story?

*Could this be helpful, or is my mind babbling on?

*Does this thought help me take effective action?

*Am I going to trust my mind or my experience?

Another great resource is mirror work by Lousie Hay. I highly reccomend it to those who still have a horrible inner critic.

AND something to ponder on, if you were to hear how you treat yourself in your head i bet it would be WAY WORST than a domestic volience relationship. SO, why is it not ok to be in a DV relationship and OK to be horrible to yourself. Take responsibility for your thoughts and lift yourself up.

Watch your relationships in your reality change to as a result of this work! ❤






Much love and gratitude

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