My name is Pauline Duncan a Play Coach that represents, embellishes and opens doors for you to all the choices, connection, the self love, the core to do list, healing, inner child support, focus, fun, freedom to embrace all that life has to offer.

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My Story

I am a relationship fun and life coach for parents and families. I help to build strong foundations of long lasting and loving connections; create healthy and positive communication; develop a sense of self worth and self belief amongst all family members. I am also a primary and special needs teacher that homeschools my children as a single parent and I also tutor children struggling, uplifting them and showing them learning can be fun. 


I have had many struggles in life, suffered trauma and some losses in her life. I have used the power of gratitude to refocus, realign and reconnect to what is important and shift from the place of hopelessness to hope. I believe gratitude is a total game changer.


I am passionate about guiding my own children and clients to see what they can do. They can do anything no matter the circumstance, their struggles or past story. I help clients leave what no longer serves them, to follow their true purpose and to live the life they want, their way and to have fun. Gratitude is their first step towards this realisation and to rekindle their love of life.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.