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My name is Pauline Duncan a Freedom Coach for women, mums, carers, and their children to allow themselves the freedom to fly, be who they are, choose to do life their way and to feel good in all areas of their lives. I guide, nurture, and empower them through forgiving and releasing their past, their patterns and old beliefs; healing and rediscovering the playfulness of their inner child; by giving themselves permission and the freedom to change what is no longer working for them and do what is right for them. Focusing on fun, fulfilment, and freedom. Following their inner GPS to create their new story, their way and Fly!

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My Story

Over my lifetime, I have had many losses, heartaches and traumas and had lost my sense of self, who I was and what truly made me happy. I felt I didn’t belong, had no support and was so isolated from everyone and everything, including from myself. However, through the journey of life and personal growth, I have learnt to use the power of forgiveness to release, realign and reconnect to who I am, what I believe, what is important to shift from the place of being lost to freedom. I believe forgiveness was a total game changer. It was a gift to self which brought me back to me.


Now, I live life, parent, teach and coach with the fundamentals of fun, freedom and a knowing that we can do anything no matter the circumstances, struggles or past stories. As a Freedom coach for women, mums, carers, and their children I provide a safe, compassionate, gentle, intuitive, and empowering approach in breaking through their fears of not being enough to tapping what makes their heart sing. I guide clients to leave what no longer serves them, to follow their inner GPS, to play and live the life they want, their way, confidently. The ripple effect following on from this for their children and for future generations is life changing. Forgiveness is one of the first step towards this realisation and the rekindling of love and playfulness for life.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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