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Imperfectly Perfect

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We are all imperfectly perfect the way we are.

Why not spread this message and stop the stigma of perfectionism. What even is perfect?

This top has been created to spread the message of loosing the perfectionism mask! As a recovering perfectionist, I realised that many women who come to me also love in this "perfect" driven world. It stops them from showing up, it stops them from speaking, it stops them from producing.

Let's come together and bring imperfect action to the world!

This lightweight fitted Women's T-shirt features "Imperfectly Perfect" print.

Slouched neck, short sleeves. Side seamed, relaxed fit.

Share the gift in gratitude with your baby. Available for purchase NOW.

Material: Made with 100% combed cotton

Color: Black, White & Grey.

Print: Imperfectly Perfect
Fit: Relaxed

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

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