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Gratitude Gift Box Set

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A perfect gift for him/her All items come with a Journal and Pen only.

This journal is to bring in more positivity to your world. It is to help assist you with getting clear on your goals and aspirations, as well as, bringing more gratitude to your world. The Gratitude Method Journal gives you the writing prompts, tools, resources to create a life that is on your terms and assist you with making your dreams come to life! This Journal is undated to allow you to stop and start if you wish or to do this practice daily.

There is power with journalling and manifesting your desires whilst achieving your goals. It is a great start to self-discovery, creating your daily intentions and living the reality you want to live! The power of creating this ritual is a way for your unconscious mind bring into conscious awareness of what you truly desire. Whether you want happiness, gratitude, goals, manifesting, life areas improved - this workbook is backed by the Gratitude Group Community that can inspire you to be intentional about bringing Gratitude to your world.

The Gratitude Method Journal includes and is designed to help you bring in more: Luxury hardcover with Gold Corners and double bound Spiral ($60 VALUE)

Gold Crystal Engraved Pen with blue ink (VALUE $22)

Happiness Learn about the Law of Attraction Set up your 12 areas of life which include: Love Relationships, Friendships, Adventures, Environment, Health & Fitness, Intellectual Life, Skills, Spiritual Life, Career, Creative Life, Family Life & Community Life.

Gratitude Monthly Goal Setting for 6 months

I am affirmations

Your wins for the

Month Daily Intentions

Water tracker


Inside the box:

Rose Quartz (VALUE $60)

Thank you card (VALUE $5)

Oils (VALUE $22)

Book Mark (VALUE $9.99)

Inspirational card (VALUE $4.44)

Shipping $19.95

FREE BONUS GIFT X2 Gratitude eBooks (VALUE $39.90)



This is not the Box Set & Program, if you would like the box set, please see the last listing.

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