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Gratitude A Journey Of The Soul

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There was a tiny seed planted, an idea where stories of gratitude from others would help spread my message further and wider. I have a mission to spread gratitude to one million people through my journals, through my yet to be published book, through these stories, through my speaking gigs and workshops, and more. I realised that my gratitude method and my gratitude warriors are all around me, on a similar mission. We are on a journey to spread the word of positive psychology and mindfulness.

Mindfulness and gratitude come hand in hand, and it is up to the gratitude warriors to spread this along after reading this. You too have become a gratitude warrior, and I urge you to spread this, because I cannot do this alone.
In times of darkness, we must bring light.

In times of sadness, we must bring happiness. In times of negativity, we must bring positivity.”

Twenty-Two Stories of Gratitude

Adam Edwick

Amy Green

Anna Baylis

Becca Jean

Carlo Kingmaker Chincarini

Celine (Chi) Dang

David Vine

Debbie Wullschleger

John Trager

Kate Lum

Kellie O’Shea

Khoi Le

Kristy-Ann Waugh

Letitia Owen

Nelio Di Vincenzo

Pauline Duncan

Sandra De

Steph Johnson

Santi Indriyani Sceresini

Susane Smith

Natasha Mansell

Terri Tonkin

Joe Pane (foreword)

Edited by Alicia Ann Wade

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