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I am Nicole I love helping people to become confident go-getter, change maker, joy seeker and all round fabulous human!

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My Story

I am passionate about supporting busy, overwhelmed mums to get unstuck and design the life they really want - Not the life expected of you. By removing the barriers that are holding you back or inaction to your deepest hidden desires, you’ll begin to see what’s possible - whether that is a side hustle, a new career or simply a calmer, happier YOU.


My job as a Mindset Coach is to help you see what you’re not seeing so that you can gain clarity on your purpose, skyrocket your confidence and step into your power. By doing 'the work' (the inner work that is!)... you will be able to be authentically you, the real you… full of self love and fired up to live your best damn life!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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