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My name is Khoi Le and I am a coach, speaker, salesperson and martial artist. I have successfully brought in millions of dollars for businesses & have worked for and my ongoing coaching clients. 

As a qualified life coach, I intertwine the mindset, psychology, skills and strategies from both life coaching and sales to enable others to build businesses of their own and lead a life by choice, not by chance.

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My Story

As a child, I wanted to become a vet, until I gotten bitten by a dog... Twice... by the same dog.

I was on my way to study to become a doctor, as expected in the typical asian culture, until I finally had a choice to decide it was not for me.

Joining the Police Force to serve and protect was a dream. A dream it stayed because my colour deficiency (blindness) held me back.

Being lost, I fell into the world of Sales and Media, not quite knowing where I wanted to be or what I truly wanted to do.


As life went on, I still was trying to find what I desired for myself. So I did what the people around me wanted for themselves thinking that one day I might find something that was for me.

Success in the Jobs I worked. Working towards fitness. Going travelling. Finding great friends or trying to find wonderful relationships. Finding material things to show high status to the world.


And as I searched for more, the more I felt more lost and unconnected.


But, I made some great personal achievements. Some being...:

- Having made sales of millions of dollars for the businesses I've worked for and winning multiple awards

- Ongoing Martial Artist for over 5 years at the time of writing this

- Becoming a Master Coach and NLP practitioner

- Author

- Speaker


Long story short, I eventually did find things of interest that assisted in what I needed and wanted. I am grateful to have now been in the right space and environment to allow me to have choice.


We all tell ourselves a story.... What's yours?


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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