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My name is Kate Lum, I am a Bookkeeper, Life, Business Coach & Author. I have been bookkeeping for over 20 years and in that time realised that I can help people in their business and with their administration& customer services. I love coaching as it gives me satisfaction of helping others. Business coaching allows me  to share my knowledge, experience and skills so they can have a successful running business. Finally, becoming an Author has been a great milestone in my life.

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My Story

I had humble beginnings in my childhood, it wasn't anything fancy. I have had some struggles in my life too. I have always loved helping people so that's why I started coaching nearly 2 years ago. I feel I have had a lot of life experiences which helps me to understand what people have experienced in their life and what challenges they have.


I love to sing, dance, have fun, meet people and I love learning human behaviour and personal development.

I am sharing a snipppet of my Story those that know me well know I have so many other stories I could share..
I am 50ish I sometimes get told I look younger lol.. I have never been married or had kids but have a partner who is the biggest kid I know. I am born and bred in Australia but have Chinese heritage. I grew up in a little town south of Adelaide my Dad passed when I was 10 years old and my Mum was a stay at home Mum. I do remember getting teased at school about my name and just general kid stuff. When I went to high school one of my primary school friends told me she didn’t want to be my friend anymore. I didn’t understand why and never asked her.
I was a shy girl and had insecurities like most kids. I found a love of netball, horses and that was my passion throughout my teenage years and most of my life. I love my music and I am a wanna be Rockstar would love to be able to sing like Pink and all the other awesome Singers.

My mum sent by to Business College after high school as she wanted me to get a good office job. Which getting a job back in the mid 80s was much easier than it is today. I never really thought about being wealthy it was just something you dream about and only happens if you win x lotto or become famous. I regret not having a financial plan in place when I first started working. I bought my property when I was 23 and lived in a shed for 19 years and finally got a house 10 years ago.

I am blessed to have wonderful friends that have encouraged me and taught me a lot about life. I have travelled to lots of places but never had the urge to go and live anywhere else. I met my first Life Coach at 12 years ago but never considered becoming one myself until I came across The Coaching Institute back in mid 2019. I was looking for answers to have a better relationship and to live a better life. I have met so many amazing fellow Coaches who Believe in me more than I believe in myself. There are so many that I am inspired by.


I have learnt so much in the last 18 months along with all my life experiences that it is definitely my time to share and inspire others to LIVE and LOVE their life to find their passion and their purpose?


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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