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Hi, I’m Jules. Relationship and Graceful Empowerment Coach | Extended DISC Practitioner | Writer and an Author.


I’m a Mum of two and an empty nester. I have a futuristic mindset, a love for life generated from deep within and believe this is available to everyone.

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My Story

I am passionate about personal development, creativity, family, and contribution to an inclusive society. For being raw and real and creating experiences through choice.


I hold a Certificate of recognition for Emotional Intimacy and Certificate of attainment as an Accredited Practitioner in Extended DISC.


I have a 'steadfast optimism' and ‘insatiable curiosity’ devoted to inspire wellbeing, empowerment and transformation – guiding clients from where they are to where they desire to be in their relationships and life.


My background is in the printing industry where I demonstrated creativity, precision, and meeting expectations. I owned a chain of bakeries with my former husband for over twelve years. They were my former husband’s vision and I supported him in that venture.


I was the only one willing to change in my relationship and that was never going to work! As a single mum I was at a fork in the road because my life had been turned upside down. So, I embarked on a mission of meaning and purpose and this led to forgiveness.


It is an honour to sit beside people in their truth. To co-create positive and powerful change in their lives. To support them to change the negative mind chatter or in other words self-talk attached to their memories, experiences, and stories. To support them to break through their fears and release suppressed emotions holding them back from living the life they were born to live. To support people in redirecting their energy and switch tracks from being stuck and feeling alone to expressing themselves resourcefully and expanding their world. This creates a ripple effect of change in their family, their communities and the greater good of all. 


Julie Wells


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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