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Gratitude a Journey of The Soul

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Are You Tired Of?





This is for you if...

  • You are constantly feeling tense, and recognise a disharmony in areas of your life.

  • Feeling disconnected from your reality, something isn't right, and you are ready for guidance, support and energy healing

  • Craving inner peace and balance.

  • Cannot switch off and are having sleepless nights.

  • Want to explore your path? Options for your highest soul potential?

  • Searching for soul awareness.

  • You are busy, always on the go, and never find time for yourself to slow down for moments of peace. Your days are filled with burnout, stress, worry, overwhelm and anxiety.

Imagine If You Felt...





Facilitated by Alicia,
The Gratitude Method TM

There was a tiny seed planted, an idea where stories of gratitude from others would help spread my message further and wider. I have a mission to spread gratitude to one million people through my journals, through my yet to be published book, through these stories, through my speaking gigs and workshops, and more. I realised that my gratitude method and my gratitude warriors are all around me, on a similar mission. We are on a journey to spread the word of positive psychology and mindfulness.Mindfulness and gratitude come hand in hand, and it is up to the gratitude warriors to spread this along after reading this. You too have become a gratitude warrior, and I urge you to spread this, because I cannot do this alone. In times of darkness, we must bring light. In times of sadness, we must bring happiness. In times of negativity, we must bring positivity."

Click the link below to meet more of the Gratitude Warriors!

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Vandana Mohture

Mindset Coach

“Gratitude is one of those values which will never betray you. With gratitude, you will always feel abundant. With gratitude, you will always gravitate towards love. I highly recommend this book to learn different ways of tapping into your inner gratefulness and also to learn about practices that can help you feel gratitude more deeply.”

Melissa Desveaux

#1 Bestselling Author and Author Consultant

“Gratitude for me is being thankful for something, whether it's waking up in the morning, having faith

in God, being able to eat, walk, see. Being grateful for the smallest things can positively change your

life. This book is full of gratitude and the stories will change your life.”

Eliza Kelly

Major in English Literature and History, English Teacher

“Gratitude is not just a singular action, it is an ongoing posture. Gratitude A journey of the Soul is an insight into the importance of making thankfulness a part of your daily lifestyle. For those seeking to adjust their posture towards life and all it’s celebrations, victories, tragedies, surprises, good and bad….embrace this vulnerable collection of testimonies.


Vulnerable, honest, challenging….”

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