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HI, my name is Doreen Kerridge Ross and I am the CEO and founder of Infinite Coaching for Women.

I help mature women find their way again or grow and regain their confidence and joy.

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My Story

I married early at 18, having grown up on a dairy farm and learning about long work days. I had two beautiful daughters, but sadly after suffering domestic violence, I found myself a single mother when my husband passed away. 

Being a young woman with two little girls to raise was overwhelming and
sadly I didn’t have the courage to take that journey alone and I soon found myself remarried and taking on two older children to raise.
There were many challenges including a stepson who developed drug problems and was not opposed to giving me a touch up in his fathers absence to convince me to let him have his way. They were tough years as we were financially challenged throughout them, but they were amazing for my
personal growth as we started a business with no more than a big bank loan and I found that my business acumen came naturally because I was able to easily developed connections with customers.


After my babies left home for study I convinced my husband to sell up and follow them. That was one of the most valuable decisions of my life. Life seemed reasonably good and I was able to spend time with two of the most important people in my world and I persued the personal development
path, gaining a diploma in psychology and a diploma in counselling. I had helped dozens of people with family issues over the years and apparently was always seen as wise, caring, resilient and strong, even though I never considered myself to have any of these virtues.

Then the inevitable – my husband left one Friday and didn’t come home, and that is when I discovered that whilst I felt completely broken, I had an instinctive ability to survive and even though it was tough, I was able to claw my way out of the black hole and return to life – wiser, altered – because when you put the broken vase back together it is always different.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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