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I’m Debbie. Mindset & Behaviour Coach and Counsellor.



I am honoured and very exited to share my story with you.


Born and raised in Switzerland and then moving to Australia in 2005 opened up many new pathways for my career and personal life!


Today, I am specialising in Bariatric Consulting… supporting and empowering people on the 

Journey of becoming a healthier, fitter and happier self after weight loss surgery.


As a woman on the same journey as yourself and as a Coach and Counsellor, I am passionate to walk a part of your 

Life journey beside and with you.

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My Story

As long as I can remember, have I been chubbier and bigger in body size than others.


Especially in my Teenage years, which let me to endure many negative comments, bullying and feeling useless and unworthy.

It’s not right, and kids can be very cruel when it comes to using words to harm others….


Despite all that, have I always been grateful and positive in life. At the time, I would’ve said it is just my nature.


While having the honour of raising my 4 boys into adult men, I have gained lot’s of wisdom and knowledge about human behaviour

And it became more and more evident, that it is not just ’nature’ how we live our lives.


I know now, that we all have a choice on how we view ourselves, the people around us and live in general.

Every morning brings new opportunities to live our life to the fullest.

It’s up to each one of us to become aware of this CHOICE and the opportunities and power that come with those choices!


Well, back to my health progress...the number on the scale went up and up and up over the years and I came to the decision to have 

Weight loss surgery as a tool to support my journey to health!


Being on this journey led me to life coaching, as I realised that there is a big Gap in this field of education on the mindset side of this journey.

And even more importantly,  personal support to break  through limiting boundaries for my clients!


Busting through some of those limiting beliefs of self-doubt, not feeling good and beautiful enough, holding back in life due to my body weight,

lead me to:


- study and qualify as an NLP and Behaviour Pro Coach through the Coaching Institute

- finishing a Diploma in family Counselling

- Bachelor of teaching, from back in Switzerland, still holds the desire to educate and mentor people!

- Owner and founder of Bariatric Consultancy

- Author, Speaker and Mentor


I am very passionate, dedicated and grateful to be able to draw from my personal experiences and incorporate 

my professional knowledge to work with my clients through Bariatric Consultancy. 

My 12 week “Keep the weight off” Lifestyle Program is a fantastic KICK START for people on this journey!


I know, changing that inner negative self-talk and turning those limiting self-beliefs around, is one of the most efficient and powerful method

To create lasting and impactful change in our lives.

Practicing Gratitude and a positive mindset, journalling and learning to practice self-compassion will serve each one of us on their personal journey.




Please know, that I am only a message away if you wish to connect - I am looking forward to hear your story and be a 

support on your personal journey to health, happiness and gratitude for life.


Here is a special gift for a special person - YOU: 


Affirmation Guide to create Gratitude in your life




Debbie xx


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

0431 019 229

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