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I’m David Vine. Freelance Writer/Coach and International Amazon Best-Selling Self-Published Author.

I have lived and learnt a lot of things on the way to become the person that I am today as an entrepreneur. I’ve worked in many Industries including Technology Coach and Trainer for Community organisations, my own computer training business and help desk. I have even worked as
a Soft Skills Trainer and Assessor for Mckkrs Training and done a lot of traveling across QLD in teaching these important skills. It wasn’t until over the past few years that I got bitten by the writing bug, it has helped me come out and express myself as a coach. I’ve penned at least several books over the past few years that have hit Best Seller on Amazon. The power of story telling made me realise that creating these opportunities can help make a better you in the process!

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My Story

I was born and bred in Brisbane/Australia and has grown up in the suburbs of Logan City. I grew up
always playing my computer games as a child and I have always been fascinated with technology at
such a young age. You can say I have evolved with many different systems since the beginning with
the original Atari and then moved on to a Commodore 63. My passion for writing and computers has
grown, as I graduated from Kingston State High School 1993, and went to studying Diploma of
Information Technology straight from high school.

Over the years, I became the family man with a lovely wife and 3 children of which are now young
adults and teenagers.

I’m currently in Griffith University as an older student doing a Double Bachelor’s Degree in Business
and Creative Writing. Just goes to show that any one can do any they want if they put their mind to
it and stay true to their passion.

I love writing in all forms from non-fiction business and empowerment type books, anthologies,
magazine contributions, also starting Fiction type books. I have contributed to as Co-Author to
Business Warriors: Taking Care of Working Women in the 21st Century, and Lessons I Learnt: Stories
of Courage and Vulnerability and my own pet project – Building Resilience ~ Overcoming Business

2021, has been the year of emerging as a writer, and over the past few months, I have achieved
Amazons Best Seller in a number of categories for other Multi-Authored Collaborative books known
as “Letters of Love: A Collection of Uplifting Letters across the World”, “They are Magic Anthology”
and “Ascension Vol 1. Stories of Rising into your Soul Path and Purpose”, and just recently
“Transformations and Being Human”. The journey of being a freelance writer and Self-Published
Author has given me the courage and vulnerability to share my story across social media and the
books that I have written.

2022, has been the opportunity for me to move across new platforms, of which I’m about to start a
New Pet Project known as “Share your Story with DV.TV”. This will be a YouTube page where I am interviewing people from all walks of life, you don’t even have to be an entrepreneur. I just want to
hear the stories from the common person, and from what they can open and learn to be vulnerable.
More Projects are in the Works, and with New Anthologies that I am in. Watch this space and Be


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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