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Kathryn Dawe BA, is an accredited coach, teacher, mother and heart centered soul enthusiast who helps people, who feel stuck, invisible, silenced or numb, untangle their messy thoughts and emotions so they can shed the burdens of shame, guilt, and self sabotage.

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My Story

A compassionate and empathetic teacher who helps people learn how to breathe deeper, see clearer, lean in, and step forward towards their brighter tomorrow. Kathryn has lived through complex trauma, and as a mother and teacher, she brings with her a wealth of experience and understanding for those seeking clarity in their own lives.

Kathryn has delivered numerous online classes for her students on personal development, as well as leading workshops and seminars on taking action in your life and being the determining factor of your future. Her extensive knowledge in this area is evident, as she guides and supports her clients towards achieving their goals.

Aside from her work as a teacher and coach, Kathryn is also an expanding blogger, group facilitator, and business owner. She finds joy in connecting with others and helping them to unlock their potential, all while staying grounded in her love for nature.

When she's not teaching or coaching, Kathryn spends time with her five teen and adult children. She also enjoys spending time on her small country Australian farm, where she cares for her horses, sheep, dogs, and cats. Kathryn believes that connecting with both people and nature are two of life's greatest joys, and she incorporates both into her daily routine.

With Kathryn's guidance, you can learn to take charge of your life and work towards achieving your goals, all while experiencing the joy and peace that comes from being connected to both yourself and the world around you.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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