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My name is Rhonda. I am a Daycare Provider, I have been nurturing others since I was fifteen years old. In recent years, I have embraced self-love and am eager to share how taking care of myself has improved my ability to care for others.

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My Story

I was born in 1965 in El Paso, Texas. I now lives in a quiet town in Illinois. I have unwavering trust and affection for my family. We stand by each other through life's ups and downs and communicate openly about everything. Our relationships are strengthened by our honesty and sincerity. I am incredibly proud of my children for their drive and the enthusiasm they bring to their pursuits. They have taught me to cherish life and cherish our time together.

Snuggling with my two Vizsla dogs is my favorite activity. Their unconditional love provides me with so much comfort. They are warm, soft, and have a lovely scent. When they nestle their heads on my chest, I feel their love and it warms my heart. Their adorable little faces bring me endless joy.

My husband is incredibly loving and manages everything with care. He regularly surprises me, and we show each other affection every day. I cannot envision life without him; he is everything to me. Recently, he has taken on cooking to support me in balancing work and life, as the responsibilities of being a wife, career woman, and all my other roles can be challenging at times. He constantly thinks about me and the gifts he brings me hold greater significance than the gifts themselves. Our love is deep and strong. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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