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Hi, I'm Jayden Leigh

Those of you who have worked with me know I’m not your average coach…

I don’t focus on the surface level problems and get you surface level results. I specialise in true emotional healing and have dedicated my life to it.

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My Story

Does this mean I’m the type to sit around crying at the beauty of flowers all day? While nature has sometimes brought a tear to my eye… no LOL. I have a healthy access to all of my emotions. Not just the gooey ones.

  • I love a good laugh and sneaking in a cheeky Marvel movie whenever I get a chance.

  • I’m a family man who is head over heels for his wife and loves nothing more than crazy dinosaur tickle fights with the kids.

  • I also have a deep dark secret…I still don’t have my shit together. We’re all a work in progress. Including me!

  • Conscious parenting is something I’m incredibly passionate about too, even though I may suck at it from time to time. I swear my kids have an inbuilt radar system designed to point out just which area I need to work on and feel through.

But in all seriousness, I wasn’t always so in touch with my emotions…

I spent years being a prisoner of my own thoughts. My anxiety was off the charts. I was stuffing my emotions so deep I didn’t even know I had any. I was so busy keeping people at a distance behind my many masks that I completely lost touch with who I actually was.

Life, however, handed me a series of events that forever changed my perspective and has put me on this journey to connect with my true self and help others do the same.

I originally started out Coaching with a bold dream of introducing more Dads to emotional wellness in a hope to raise the next generation free from having their emotions suppressed. Along the way I found it was actually Mums who were bravely reaching out to me, ready to heal and become healthy role-models for their kids.

Now I’ve made it my mission to help these incredible women step into their power, be in control of their emotional state and guide them to the realisation that they are the source of their own healing.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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