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I’m Anna. Mind Body Coach. Speaker. Olympian.


I’ve lived the life of an Olympian, elite athlete, trainer, coach, and mum and along the way I’ve learned just how important energy flow, mindset and nutrition are for us all. As an accredited Life Coach I’m passionate about helping you achieve your own personal life, health, and fitness goals and find that connecting with nature supports the process. With experience and patience, I’m ready to share how we can eradicate limiting beliefs, fear and negative thought patterns, and heal blocked energies that may be holding you back from creating a life you love. 

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My Story

From a childhood that gave me the ‘roots to grow and wings to fly,’ I was always going to be an athlete; it was just a matter of finding my sport. 

Over two decades as a successful mountain biker and Iron woman competitor, I developed an in-depth awareness of my body and its physical needs. I tuned in to what my body needed to perform, nourishing it with nutritious food, training, and rest. I consistently found ways for my body to function at its optimum potential, set goals and daily intentions, and used visualisation to manifest successful races.

I also learned to deal with the ups and downs, the wins and losses of life. I needed to be present and aware through daily exercise and mindset work to reach the heights I was after. 


Driven by success and achievements, it was common to push many emotions aside to stay completely focused. But in fact, what I’ve discovered is that learning how to feel and connect with that emotional energy leads us to a higher sense of fulfillment, passion, and purpose.


This awakening led me to life coaching, to feel fulfilled beyond my athletic career, and I’m passionate about helping more people transform their lives for true happiness and success. 


Meditation, gratitude, nature, and exercise are my connections to fulfillment. It’s connecting to these energies that I believe help us live authentically, finding happiness and harmony within and with those around us.

On any given day, you’ll find me outdoors, moving in and appreciating nature, living life with gratitude, and nurturing the balance of mind, body and spirit.           


We all experience life as energy beings, and this has formed the focus of how I help people find their a-ha moment, where it all makes sense. I draw on the science of physical health (nutrition & movement), mental health (thoughts and emotions) and the philosophies of mind-body connection and practices of breathwork and meditation.


I have completed studies in the following areas and am passionate about continual learning:

·       - Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement)

·       - Honours in Food Science and Nutrition 

·       - Credential Practitioner of Coaching (The Coaching Institute)

·       - Emotional Intimacy Coach  (The Coaching Institute)

·       Chakra Therapy - Awakening and Healing the Energy Body (Yoga Flame)

Clients describe my coaching style as supportive, compassionate, and patient while also being open to spirituality so that there’s space and trust to grow. Your goals are my goals, and we connect in nature to open up the possibilities that are available to you for the life you want.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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