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I am a teacher, passionate and enthusiastic, who also knows what it is like to experience burnout and fatigue in such a giving profession. I have worked with teachers and schools to help them embed wellbeing to be part of their culture, and am passionate about helping all educators find the balance between work and life to live in a way that suits them. There are no rules to wellness, only what works and doesn't work.

With skills and expertise in positive psychology, coaching, and teaching, all of these combined allow me to support and help teachers, students, and schools in a unique way as we focus on wellness for all.

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My Story

I have always been taught that you have to work hard, put in the hours, and rarely be still. As my Mum used to say 'If you don't have something to do, I will find you something to do'. What can I say, I very quickly learned to always have something to do, and I carried this with me into the teaching space. 

Over time this lead to working long hours, striving for perfection, and feeling immense frustration when things didn't go to plan. Fast forward 10+ years, teaching in various schools, leadership positions, and a 3-year stint in London and I had certainly learned what hard work in a school looked like, felt like, and sounded like.

I knew though, I couldn't, and didn't want to continue working with this level of intensity, I wanted to live a full life both in and out of the classroom. So I sought help. I read nearly every self-help book out there before they had their own section in the book store, I learned better strategies for managing my own frustrations, I invested a lot of money in my own self-development including coaches to help me with moving past limiting beliefs and to figure out what I really wanted in life, without feeling guilty of letting some things go. This work changed my life in so many ways.


I now work with teachers, leaders, students, and schools to help them find their own version of wellness. With a focus on Positive Psychology, building resilience, wellbeing, and self-care, and connecting this with my own experience of teaching my work offers a unique and relevant approach for all.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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